No one, I mean no one, is busy 24/7. So if someone talks to you, they will make an effort to do so. Everyone always has that spare moment in the day to check their phone and see if they had received any calls or text messages, so there is NO excuse why someone wouldn’t be able to spare some time returning your call or reply to your messages. If you don’t hear from them, then perhaps that person doesn’t want to talk to you. Not because that person is “too busy” to talk to you, but because that person doesn’t care enough to make time for you. If you’ve been waiting around to hear back from someone, but you see that person liking pictures in Instagram or commenting back on a status, then that should tell you you shouldn’t be waiting around anymore.



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Being respectful of my feelings
doesn’t mean tiptoeing around
the truth. If my heart is full of
you and you’re not interested,
then break my heart clean.
Careful tearing takes longer
and is so much harder to heal.

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when they mess up your order but end up giving you extra food for free


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It’s like when Windows does this, but in real life.

i follow everyone back 

 i follow everyone back 


If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share


remember when the gameboy advance sp came out and it had a built in backlight plus a built in rechargable battery and it was like all of our prayers had been answered

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Jᴏᴇʟ x VSCO


American History textbooks more like

Chapter 1: Introduction to White People
Chapter 2: White Settlers and the Indian Savages
Chapter 3: Whitey Makes a Country
Chapter 4: The Blacks
Chapter 5: Wars, Wars, Wars
Chapter 6: No More Racism!: Martin Luther King Jr. Gives a Speech
Chapter 7: The Modern Whites

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Being told I have the best taste in music is like the best compliment you could give me

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